Putting Patient First, we are dedicated to working with our clients and partners to developing and promoting advanced technologies, products and services, driving for better health care and better life to Chinese people.


Consultech, established in 1995 with offices in Beijing and Shanghai, is China’s leading health communication and consulting company.


  • 1995
    Founded in Beijing,
    specializing in market research and strategic consulting
  • 1996
    Business revenue exceeded 10 million RMB
  • 1998
    Set up a joint venture with Frost & Sullivan in China
  • 2001
    Business expanded to healthcare marketing communica
  • 2007
    Majority shares were acquired by Omnicom Group, focusing on healthcare communication and consulting sevice
  • 2008
    Set up Shanghai branch
  • 2009
    Business revenue in Shanghai exceeded 10 million RMB
  • 2011
    Business revenue achieved RMB 50 million in China, serving many leading brands as their medical and marketing communica
    tion partners
  • 2013
    Business focused on strategy-oriented high value brand management, medical communica
    tion and digital solution services
  • 2016
    Corporate Management buyout from Omnicom Group, enhancing the influence in the marketplace


  • Our employees are equipped with: An EMBA or MBA degree; 15 years and above relevant working experience; Indepth professional knowledge and skills; Commitment to offering high quality strategic consultancy.

  • Most of our medical advisors have acquired either PhD or Masters degree, among whom many are clinically experienced and internationally educated. What they can offer is more than regular medical service as well as competitive insights on medical strategy and planning.

  • With the strong background in both medical and marketing service, along with solid professional knowledge, we manage to provide highly innovative branding strategy and practical promotion solutions.

  • Our creativity interpretation is based on profound understanding of the industry. We devote ourselves to achieving innovation by top class performance. We have delivered numerous visual branding innovation cases, and accomplished visual interactive communication projects from an visualized and graphical perspective.

  • Years of experience in digital marketing and management enables us to operate integrated multi-channel communication by digitalization. Meanwhile, we are exploring new marketing modes and tools.

  • Our team consists of experienced professionals and overseas returned postgraduates who are committed to efficient communication, project management and customer service.


In recent 20 years, we have kept improving our business capability, expanding service scope and enhancing our influence in the industry. Our marketing service has benefited over 30 leading multinational pharmaceutical corporations along with over 100 leading brands. Over 10 domestic listed pharmaceutical corporations have consulted us for strategic advice. Our business includes marketing research, medical planning and implementation, brand planning and management, marketing planning and implementation, multichannel marketing and management. Highly positive customer reputation and their brand achievements are the witness of our growth.


  • Brand management

    Strategic planning covering an entire brand life cycle, including: brand positioning, strategy, visual system and communication plan
  • Medical strategy & content development

    Establishment of long-term medical strategy for sustainable development of a brand; Creating medical research direction, clinical research plan and academic publication; Development of brand medical storyline according to market needs and academic promotion materials
  • Digital marketing planning & execution

    Providing MCM solution, e-system and platform design and operation, e-advertising material design
  • Campaign planning & execution management

    Integrated marketing campaign planning and execution management targeting at healthcare professionals, nurses, patients, consumers and internal employees
  • Market research

    Project planning, questionnaire/survey design, execution management , analysis report focusing on domestic or international research project
  • Strategic consulting

    Developing corporate vision, mission, core value, positioning, development planning and strategic consultancy for pharmaceutical, medical device, nutrition and baby care companies, and medical institutions



  • Strategic Consulting

  • Integrated Marketing Communication & Brand Management

  • Patient Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Medical Strategy & Communication

  • Pharmaceutical development strategy and strategic consult-ing of acquisition for China Resources(Holdings)Co.,Ltd.

  • Strategic consulting for Kanion Pharma-ceutical

  • Development strategy for HTBT

  • Retainer Service for Wyeth Nutrition

  • Launch communication for Victoza,Novo Nordisk

  • Retainer Service for Braclude,BMS

  • Launch communication for Zytiga, Xian Janssen

  • Full product service for Pasteur,Sanofi

  • Ophthalmic patient management: Bright-ness Program

  • Orthopedic patient management: Inspiring and Caring Program

  • CML patient program and multiple myeloma program

  • Rheumatoid arthritis patient management:Remicade specialist Program

  • MSD Proscar EDA

  • Wyeth Nutrition Babynes EDA

  • Wyeth SMA HA Gold EDA

  • Xian Janssen Zytiga EDA

  • Wyeth Nutrition Wechat Marketing

  • Johnson & Johnson Wechat Class

  • KOL Development and management for a new market

  • Developing Guidelines for Prostate Cancer

  • Prelaunch communications to support product launch in Diabetes